Thursday, May 31, 2018

Marcella's Story about her Diapers

Marcella has always been wearing diapers since she was a baby. She never quite liked the feel of panties like most of her friends do. Marcella likes to show off the diapers she's wearing beneath her skirt sometimes. She eats so many sweets that she messes up her own diapers often.

In her early days, Marcella met a villain who was giving out balloons. She received a balloon from the guy, and kept it at her house. Later, Marcella heard about the Combat Kids, and decided to join them. One of the combatants, Joe Camasto, thought that Marcella wears the diapers of a 4 year old. Suzy Jill told Marcella that she was able to see a lady's butt as the wind was blowing up her dress! Marcella used balloons as projectiles, and was quite a competent girl at the time of the Combat Kids tournaments. She didn't make as much use of her diaper, yet.

Marcella didn't perform as well in the next Combat Kids tournament that involved Tanbo, Joe's sister named Claudia, and Madison who became Marcella's sworn rival. Marcella was slightly weaker than she was before. She grew this new condition where tripping her will let the audience get a better glance at her diaper. One time, when Marcella and Madison met each other, Madison punched Marcella in the crotch and proceeded to steal her diaper, and then started to wear Marcella's diaper! Madison then left Marcella's unconscious body alone, and so Marcella couldn't participate in the next Combat Kids tournament.

A few years later, Marcella found out about the Infight Kids, an organization held by two loli lovers named Konsuner and Gazmend, who had two tournaments before. Tanbo's sister, Carmen accidentally spilled a cup of tea on Marcella's skirt and diaper. This time, Marcella started to attack with her diaper more than ever. She could now squirt fragments of her diaper, and even create sentient girl toys from her diaper. Konsuner would say to Marcella, "That is one very delicious vanilla ice cream underneath your skirt!", as well as "Gazmend really loves girls like you! Especially those undergarments!".

Marcella met the Leslolis for the first time, a line of sex-ed robots shaped like little girls who liked to use gadgets such as Fap Oil to enhance the sexuality. One Lesloli poured a can of Fap Oil into Marcella's diaper, and it grew slightly bigger. This Lesloli then proposed that she was going to start licking Marcella's diaper like it's vanilla ice cream. Before she could, Joanne, who knew the password to that Lesloli, re-assigned her program. Then the Lesloli basically invited Marcella over to get some ice cream. For some reason, Marcella's skirt mysteriously faded out and disappeared. All of a sudden, Konsuner shows up, knocks Marcella down, breathes fire and burns Marcella's diaper! "Ooh! Deep fried diaper!", said Konsuner.

Having been humiliated, Marcella wanted to depart from the Infight Kids after what happened to her. She changed her hair a little bit, as well as the color scheme of her outfit. Marcella originally wore only orange (except for her diaper, of course), but now she has started to wear a blue shirt, a red hair bow and skirt, and a slightly new version of her diaper. Marcella watched a news report that mentioned a new tournament called Diaper Enforcers. It was right up Marcella's alley. Now, Marcella has garnered more friends, especially Adeline who's one of her best friends.